Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Goodbye, Little Farm

On Monday, our family will be leaving Little Bent Creek Farm and moving into our new home in the city of Charlotte. My husband's job is demanding that he live closer to his office, and so we must go. It is breaking my heart to give up this place that has held so many of my hopes and dreams, and I'm finding that I can't quite muster up enough courage or perspective yet to write about this new transition we're making. So with this post, I will simply say goodbye. Goodbye, good readers.

Goodbye, gentle goats.

Goodbye, chatty chickens.

Goodbye, cuddly bunny.

Goodbye, little red barn.

Goodbye, playful creek.
Goodbye, bountiful garden.
Goodbye, peaceful meadow.

Goodbye, butterfly unicorns and forest fairies.

Goodbye, strenuous chores.

Goodbye, curious visitors.

Goodbye, kind neighbors.

Goodbye, dear friends.

Goodbye wild turkeys and deer. Goodbye, barn snake. Goodbye, wildflowers.
Goodbye, Secret Place and Enchanted Garden. Goodbye, cozy town and gracious library.
Goodbye, bees I had yet to keep. Goodbye, pony we had yet to bring home. Goodbye, camps, workshops, classes and field trips I had yet to offer.
Goodbye, old dreams. 
It is time to welcome new ones.

--by Mitchell Nott

what is a dream if you cant achieve it
what is a dream if you dont believe it
i want my dreams to all come true
i want my dreams to be shared with you
a dream is a place of magical things
a dream is a place where bluebirds sing
all our dreams we are longing for
a dream of you that i adore
why is dreams all filled with joy
when after a dream it is destroyed
why is dreams of something we cant have
when we dream of the things we once had
dreams come with so many meanings
happy and sad so many feelings
so why do we dream if it hurts inside
when we watch our dreams all fade and die
if i was a dream id fly away
id dream of happiness and make it stay
what is a dream with no ending
why do dreams start descending
what is a dream that aint complete
why are dreams so discreet
dreams are full of many things
dreams are full of true feelings
believe in dreams and youll succeed
believe in dreams yes i do indeed


Jules said...

Awwwwwwh, Dudda. Your post made me cry. I, too, will miss Little Bent Creek Farm - all those things you mentioned and all the love and energy that surrounded them. I completely trust that you WILL find new dreams and opportunities in your new place (though they may be very different) and you WILL make a difference in new ways. I love you!

Dustin said...

Awwwww. I just started reading your blog. I enjoyed the farm. Are you not taking any of the animals with you? If not what is happening to them?

MarrG said...


I have loved hearing and reading about your farm, but I am hoping your move can be seen as more of a "HELLO"...

Hello, city full of adventures within walking distance

Hello, friends and neighbors in this beautiful, historic neighborhood

Hello, campus full of interesting and educational programs and activities

Hello, friends who are interested in seeing you more and in watching your girls as they continue to grow and mature and develop into amazing and inspiring young people

Hello, office of Academic Affairs, where you can drop in for "daddy" visits or lunch dates

Hello, park, library, Starbucks, yogurt shop, and lots more that are within walking/biking distance

Hello, life of less stress and responsibility and more time to rest and enjoy!

I know the move will be difficult and will be a big adjustment, but I believe you and your family will be successful in anything you attempt and wherever you call home. We are so excited you will be closer and hope to see you soon and often!

Love you!