Our Barn

When we moved to our new home in the summer of 2011, what is now our barn was then a half-finished storage shed. There was an unstable floor under the upper level and nothing at all down below--just the poles that held the structure up. Within a matter of a few weeks, Mr. Bob Ward and the good folks on his crew at R.J. Ward Construction (Stephen, Darren, Julio, José, and Eric) had built for us the little barn of our dreams. They invited me to design the stalls, the dutch doors, the windows, and the coop addition--right down to the style and placement of the four-star perch and the nifty little nesting boxes. A couple of the guys even put together a milking stand, a manger, and a step-stool/bench to help the girls reach the openings in the back of the nesting boxes. All the while, they were personable, respectful, kind and patient with the girls (who surely must have driven them at least as crazy as I did), and often downright fun to have around.

Bob and his guys have made a big difference in our lives during the past few months. They have built our barn and repaired and renovated our house with a level of care, creativity, and patience that we would never have imagined possible to find in a commercial contractor. They have also become friends--some of the first we have made in this area. We are grateful to have found them and would highly recommend them to anyone in the greater Charlotte area who needs a hand building, repairing, or renovating.

Here is their contact information:
Owner: Bob Ward
Website: http://rjwardconstruction.com
Email: bob@rjwardconstruction.com
Phone: (704) 634-9917
Fax: (704) 573-0223
Address: PO Box 691263, Charlotte, NC 28227