Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today as I've chopped greens; smashed sweet potatoes; kneaded bread dough; and stirred sugar and spices into pumpkin puree, my mind has been meandering through some of the many things I am thankful for. Some of those are big, obvious things (like family, a warm home, our farm) but many are small, simple, inconspicuous gifts (like the color of the sky on a crisp fall day, the smell of a freshly made bed, the crunch of a carrot pulled straight from the ground, the laughter of children playing).

Since I'm up to my ears in flour and vegetables (and up to my wrist in turkey!), I won't try to craft a coherent discussion on my own feelings of gratitude. Instead, I thought I would share with you a poem that reflects some of those feelings. It is a poem that my girls memorized this fall as part of their school work, and it has become of our favorites. It reminds us to give thanks for the little things as well as for the big ones, for the modest marvels as well as the grand miracles.

--by Ivy O. Eastwick

Thank You 
for all my hands can hold--
apples red, 
and melons gold,
yellow corn, both ripe and sweet,
peas and beans 
so good to eat!

Thank You 
for all my eyes can see--
lovely sunlight,
field and tree,
white cloud-boats
in sea-deep sky,
soaring bird 
and butterfly.

Thank You
for all my ears can hear--
birds' song echoing 
far and near,
songs of little 
stream, big sea,
cricket, bullfrog, 
duck and bee.

May you have a Thanksgiving rich in blessings 
both great and small.

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