Thursday, June 21, 2012

Farm Camp

 What do you get when you add together 40 chicks, 8 hens, 3 goats, 1 donkey, 20 kids, and countless bugs, dirt, and creek water? Little Bent Creek Farm Camp!

Last week was an especially exciting and eventful week here at the farm as we hosted one of Woodland Discovery's 2012 summer camps. (For information about other Woodland Discovery summer camps, click here.) Carolyn Walker, Woodland Discovery director and camp leader, had lots of fun, engaging, and educational activities planned. A central part of the Little Bent Creek Farm Camp experience was doing daily chores (grooming animals, feeding hay, cleaning stalls, weeding, and so forth). This was completely new stuff to most of the kids, but they all managed to contribute in some way (sometimes very creatively!) to nurturing the animals and/or tending the garden. They also spent time doing crafts, baking, playing games, singing, experiencing new tastes and sounds, and studying a variety of topics--including farm animals, local wildlife, organic gardening, and environmental stewardship. I think it's safe to say that we all learned a great deal from one another.

All of the photographs below were taken by Patti McKinnon, who, along with her son Niall, provided invaluable assistance to "Ms. Carolyn" and me throughout the week.

Singing and Dancing Together
Grooming the Goats
Chatting with the Goats

Getting to Know the Donkey
Riding the Donkey
Cuddling Chicks
Grinding Wheat
Making Homemade Bread
Exploring the Creek
Hunting Tadpoles and Minnows
Touring the Garden
Weeding the Garden
Harvesting Produce
Enjoying a Peaceful Moment Among the Three Sisters
Listening to the Sounds of a Farm
Gathering Sticks
Saying Goodbye 
We'll miss you!

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